Feeling Stuck With Pornography Addiction? Here’s What You Need To Know

Just like it happens with sugar, alcohol, drugs, and alcohol, pornographs give a dopamine boost to your brain. So when you have an orgasm, your body releases this happy hormone. And you feel a pleasure, which is no less than anyone using alcohol or drugs. It all sounds good. At least it is better than a puff or a booze. But too much of anything is not a good thing. Just like any other addiction, you might get caught up with Addiction to Pornographic Games even before you know it. And while it might not bring much physical harm, it can affect another aspect of better living – your mental health. 

You are Not Alone

There are millions of others like you, across the length and breadth of the planet, who are becoming heavily reliant on sensual pleasures to unwind. And many of them belong to the teenage and young adult age group. The easy availability of hardcore porn could be the key to Online Porn Game Addiction. However, there could be more than one reason for their resorting to pornography as a diversion. 

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Why It’s Hard

Picture this. What should a socially bullied, isolated, and lethargic youngster choose if he has to choose between a fantasizing world and a rigorous, almost Spartan workout regime to find happiness? The choice would be clear. This is one of the reasons why coming out of the cobweb of nudity, fetishes, and unreal women could be a real challenge! The new age mantra of smart work with the ready availability of technology has its own challenge. While the internet, as a ready resource, might have made learning easier, it also leaves less space for working out. Physical activities do also help to trigger the release of happy hormones, just as the white carbs, additives and porns do. But switching to porn instead of enjoying outdoor activities is the easy way out. 

The Beam of Hope

There is no shortcut to come out of any tricky situation. Similarly, preventing Porn Game Addiction or eradicating it completely can be a big challenge. But there are many around you who are making it, one thing at a time. For example, if you chose porn for a diversion, then choose another enjoyable activity to shift your interest. And don’t feel shy about asking your family for some emotional support. They can be of more help than you might imagine.